Welcome to the Fontanet Bean Dinner!

Join Us—  Friday & Saturday, August 23 & 24, 2013

Each year on the last weekend in August, Fontanet, IN enjoys the Annual Fontanet Bean Dinner Festival, a tradition stemming from a Civil War veterans’ picnic first held in 1890. The festival was originally held on land near the DuPont Powder Mill. After the mill exploded in 1907, the picnic moved to the site known as Holloway Grove, donated by local landowner Bill Holloway.

The Bean Dinner Grounds are located at: 9336 North Baldwin Street, Fontanet, IN 47851

Click here for this year’s event schedule:

Good Times! Great Food! Fun with Family & Friends!

One Response to Welcome to the Fontanet Bean Dinner!

  1. Cj and Mike says:

    Hi, we were wondering how to get in on the flea market as sellers? We have been selling produce and other items at Sandcut Traders Fair but would like to give Fontanet a try this weekend. Is there a fee to set up? Is there a limit to what can be sold? Any food or baked goods allowed? Please email me back asap. Thanks! Cj

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